Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt - Polo Shirts by Fred Perry

  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt
  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt
  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt
  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt
  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt
  • Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt

Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt

Fred Perry

Classic polo shirt from Fred Perry.
Elasticated cuffs on the sleeves, and small Fred Perry logo on the chest.
100% cotton polo shirt. This style never goes out of fashion.
Fred Perry has always impressed us with the quality of their products. This polo shirt is another good example. Great design that will look good for a long time. Buy this Fred Perry polo shirt today and it will be sent recorded mail to you ASAP.  For more Fred Perry click this, or if you want to see more polo shirts then click this.

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  Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt Info / Fred Perry Brand Info

Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt. Designer - Fred Perry. Dept - Polo Shirts / $15.99
This polo shirt from Fred Perry looks great. Fred Perry prides itself on being the first British heritage brand to successfully blend sportswear together with streetwear, to create some of the most iconic styles of the last century. Throughout its history they have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity, integrity and attitude.
The brand was born in the late 1940s, when former Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner approached three times Wimbledon champion Fred Perry with his idea. Their initial venture was the very first sweatband, which was quickly adopted by tennis players across the courts of Britain. In 1952 the pair launched what was to become Fred Perry's most famous garment: a slim fit cotton pique shirt with Laurel Wreath embroidery.
From the very beginning, Fred Perry - and the tipped pique shirt in particular - has been associated with a whole series of subcultures driven by musical affinities. Mods, skinheads, suedeheads, soul boys, rude boys, two tone. There was even a short-lived subculture known as the Perry Boys. When Britpop took the world by storm in the mid 1990s it was no surprise to find bands like Blur and Oasis sporting the epitome of the street fashion credibility.
Today the Laurel Wreath logo is recognisable worldwide, with shops and customers across 50 countries around the world. The original Fred Perry cotton pique shirt is still made to the same high standards and is synonymous with underground fashion and British cool. Fred Perry have collaborated with some of the most exciting and respected artists and designers: from Raf Simons to Richard Nicoll; and Emma Cook to Amy Winehouse. Fred Perry continues to search out new and interesting associates to bring innovative ideas to our iconic styling. A truely great label.

Buy now for you, or as a present for someone. This Fred Perry polo shirt will be shipped direct to you using one of our efficient delivery options.

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Fred Perry BrownClassic Polo Shirt - Fred Perry